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Built and Assembled in Pittsburgh!

When designing and building a multifamily structures or other commercial projects, outdoor railing is an important consideration. While railing’s key purpose is safety, you must also keep in mind other factors, such as aesthetics, cost, and durability. The ULTRALOX lineup provides you options to make the right choice for your project that will result in a long-lasting product that is safe, beautiful and cost-effective.

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The UltraLox line incorporates pre-powder coating aluminum components providing a zero-maintenance finished product in any climate or weather condition.

OPTIONS for picket and glass.

Whether your looking for a more upscale appeal to your fall protection, or a more functional approach, UltraLox is the answer. By pressure-locking the components together we can eliminate the need for field assembly and paint touchups. And because we panelize the rails in-house , we can shorten lead times and better control jobsite delivery.